Jenna Dewan Just Tried This “Futuristic” Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Jenna Dewan Just Tried This “Futuristic” Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Fun fact about Jenna Dewan: She will try anything once—at least when it comes to beauty.

“Come with me while I try a new technique that is going to lift my face,” shared the 41-year-old, as she took to Instagram this morning while en route to her first session of EMFACE, the noninvasive treatment that simultaneously administers radio-frequency energy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as HIFES energy to tone facial muscles.

“I’m intrigued!” Dewan excitedly went on in the post, showcasing her visibly toned jawline. “This is Jetsons-style…it’s lifted!”

As Dewan told us earlier this year, her love for beauty runs deep: “I am a total beauty junkie, and I’ve always called myself a frustrated aesthetician. If there’s an oil, I’ve tried it. If there’s a facial, I’ve done it. I love all that kind of stuff…lately, I have been really into radio-frequency facials, especially with Ivan Pol. They really lift!”

And she’s not the only celeb who EMFACE counts as a fan; Jessica Simpson, Rebel Wilson, Brooke Burke and Alicia Silverstone (to name a few) have all taken to social media to share their honest testing thoughts on the new treatment.