White, Yellow and Red Gold

Gold, Silver and Platinum: Learn All about our Precious Metals

Elements that are scarce and chemically inert are identified as valuable metals. They have a high economic price because they are scarce in character. Jewellerry, industrial processes, and investment decision autos all commonly use treasured metals.

The 4 most important cherished metals are palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. The features of the finished merchandise can be enhanced by combining widespread alloying things with the major valuable metals, dependent on the software. Non-precious metallic jewelry and accessories can also consist of other intriguing parts.

Right here at Cooksongold we use the the highest top quality alloys for our castings which includes Silver, Platinum and 9 or 18ct Red, Yellow and White Gold. These 3 metals have remained really popular extra time and have a timeless trend the place they are utilized greatly in contemporary style

Did you know that all our gold casting alloys (excluding Fairtrade) comprise 100% recycled gold, as licensed by the Dependable Jewellery Council Chain of Custody. In addition, our Sterling Silver is also certified 100% recycled.

White, Yellow and Red Gold
White, Yellow and Red Gold 3D printed Signet Rings


Gold has long been prized for its splendor, but it also has bodily features that have fascinated individuals. A lot of jewellery designers and producers desire gold to other metals due to the fact it in no way tarnishes and has great workability. In actuality, a thread manufactured of one particular ounce of gold may well increase far more than 50 kilometres in length. That quantity can also be rolled up into a sheet that is 100 square toes in measurement. Gold is a treasured metal for both designers and people because, with proper treatment, it may possibly past endlessly. It doesn’t oxidise or corrode, and the only matters that can hurt it are a several uncommon acids or hot chlorine bleach.

According to current analysis, gold is assumed to have its origins billions of years in the past in the distant reaches of the universe. In the early times of Earth, it arrived as dust. Gold has been through numerous improvements, and the jewelry-quality metal could do so in the upcoming. By melting down aged gold products and reconstructing the gold into new pieces, gold can be recycled. For instance, broken jewellery and aged cash can be melted down and utilised to generate brand-new gold jewellery.

Gold Alloys

Gold has quite a few desirable features, but it does have one particular significant flaw: softness. This indicates that it degrades immediately. (This attribute is distinct from hardness steps utilised in gemology and mineralogy as a measure of scratch resistance.) But when gold is combined with other metals, stronger, much more resilient gold alloys are made that are better suited for jewelry software. Even though some jewelry designers do utilise pure gold, most men and women don’t use pure gold jewellery regularly because it conveniently dents and shows use.

Silver, copper, nickel, iron, zinc, tin, manganese, cadmium, and titanium are metals that are routinely alloyed with gold for jewellery-producing. Alloying not only improves the strength of gold, but also some of its other traits. For instance, specified gold alloys could possibly discolour garments or result in allergic reactions. These reactions are not brought on by the gold itself. Rather, it is the alloyed metals.

Silver 3D printed ‘Unity’ Ring


Folks have valued silver a lot more than gold at various details in background. Silver has a extended history of use as an exchange medium and in jewelry, in addition to a lot of extra novel purposes. These now include, to mention a couple of, photography, batteries, auto glass defoggers, and magnetic strips.

Silver is just one of the most typically utilised jewellery metals due to a number of options. Its most hanging visual attribute is its shine. Additionally, in contrast to gold or platinum, silver is much more affordable and a lot more plentiful. Even so, silver is more tough to deal with than gold because of to how efficiently metallic transmits warmth. Simply because of this, starting jewellery makers regularly understand how to solder silver. Controlling the heat on gold gets easier as they learn their soldering system on this highly conductive steel.

Silver Alloys

Pure silver is delicate and prone to damage, just like gold. In get to improve the toughness of silver, jewellery producers often alloy it with tougher metals. With silver alloys, they can create breathtaking, long lasting items that are perfect for everyday dress in.

Silver Jewellery Use

Jewelry makers inscribe a code for the alloy utilised on items of silver. For instance, the figures 925 and 958 denote sterling silver and Britannia silver, respectively. When buying silver jewelry, spend shut awareness to the piece to appear for this code.

Other silver jewellery metals are deserving of see, even though jewellers choose sterling silver to any other alloy for silver jewelry.

Platinum 3D Printed Genko Ring
Platinum Genko Ring


Platinum possesses unmatched keeping power and toughness whilst getting much more costly and unusual than gold. No tarnish takes place. With regard to engagement and marriage rings in certain, these characteristics make it a single of the most sought-soon after, high quality jewellery metals.

Catalytic converters are just just one illustration of the numerous industrial utilizes for platinum. In actuality, this is the utilisation of 50 % of the platinum mined in the United States and a quarter of the platinum mined globally. Platinum is another weighting content utilized by the US Bureau of Benchmarks. These weights are continual more than time since this metallic does not oxidise.

Platinum Alloys

In actuality, “platinum” refers to a selection of metals. This group also consists of iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium. All of these metals, with the exception of osmium, have jewellery makes use of, with platinum becoming the most popular.

Platinum Jewellery Use

While platinum has been employed in various artefacts since 700 BCE, its application in jewelry is a lot more current. Its extraordinarily significant melting position and potent corrosion resistance designed the steel challenging to refine for many several years. Platinum was initial utilized as an inlay in ancient Egypt, in accordance to data. (The Egyptians, even so, thought that this metal was a sort of electrum.) For ages, Native Us residents utilized platinum in minor ornamental merchandise. Europeans had been unaware of platinum until eventually the Spanish uncovered it in the New Entire world. It was identified as platina, which is Spanish for “small silver.” They regarded as this to be “unripe gold” and as a result useless in accordance with the notions of the time period relating to the development of metals.

Researchers initially recognised platinum as a novel metallic in the 18th century. A Swedish chemist named Henrik Scheffer located how to melt platinum applying arsenic. As quickly as refining was possible, platinum was used by artisans to embellish porcelain and by researchers to generate laboratory equipment. However, utilizing arsenic to refine platinum turned out to be very dangerous. As a consequence, platinum did not come to be significantly nicely-recognized until eventually the progress of the oxyhydrogen torch in the mid-1800s.

In the 19th century, new platinum ore discoveries captivated the attention of jewellers, who started employing the steel. It turned into a standing and prosperity marker for early 20th-century superstars. Greta Garbo and other film stars generally wore platinum jewellery and extras. The platinum location of the 530-carat “Star of Africa” diamond on the British royal sceptre.

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