Opening Ralph Lauren Full-Price Stores in 2023

Many of Canada’s top and most well-known corporations are closing their locations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Other businesses, however, still have significant expansion plans for Canada. Even despite the global crisis and rising prices, the demand for well-known brands remains high. An important topic in the brand world is the fact that Canada is getting full-price Ralph Lauren stores.

Georgi Gvakharia, the business’s head of retail in North America, stated that the fashion company, which currently has factory and outlet stores in Canada, will add full-price locations in Toronto in 2023. He wrote about it on his Linkedin account. Regarding particular Canadian store launches, Ralph Lauren has yet to comment.

Let’s look at the brand’s key features with respect to this news:

Ralph Lauren is an elegant fragrance, stylish clothes, furniture, home goods, and even candy. A luxury American brand that started with those very polo shirts and wide ties. 

Now Ralph Lauren Corporation includes well-known brands, including Polo, Ralph Lauren, and Club MonteCarlo.

  • The company is valued at more than 10 billion dollars.
  • Ralph Lauren himself is the chairman of the board of directors.
  • The brand loves using innovative technologies. For example, in some stores, you can buy any piece of the brand with just one click, selecting on a huge screen. The idea is borrowed from Steven Spielberg’s “A Certain Opinion” film.
  • Ralph Lauren was one of the first luxury brands to launch QR codes for its advertising campaigns.
  • There is a mall in Paris where you can paint a white polo shirt. Children are given everything to paint to their taste and color.
  • The company has many awards, in particular, the best men’s and women’s fragrances.
  • The brand was the first to offer polo shirts in 24 colors. As well as wide silk ties. In addition, the brand’s innovations include country-style skirts, ranch jackets, cossack boots, and other clothing with cowboy motifs.
  • The chic outfits are handmade. They combine American liberty and English aristocratism.
  • The target market for the brand includes sports fans, businesspeople, and models. It is also loved by youths and students, who are frequently the kids of wealthy parents and can afford the finest: expensive brands, the newest gadgets, top universities, the newest gadgets, online learning resources like, and highly experienced tutors.

Ralph Lauren’s retail operations in North America are divided into three categories: Ralph Lauren stores, factory stores, and its online store. In the United States and Canada, the business also offers its goods through wholesale agreements. In North America, Ralph Lauren had 240 independent stores as of July.

Ralph Lauren runs 12 factory locations and no full-price stores in Canada at the moment, based on its website. The business plans to open 15 to 20 new full-price stores in North America, according to Ralph Lauren’s North American head Bob Ranftl, who made the announcement during an investor day last month. The brand is also leaving lower-tier department stores while lessening its wholesale presence.

Ranftl stated, “We have built a clear and proven strategy, and the full-price retail opportunities are just one contact point that’s driving the total ecosystem and overall market growth. I see North America as one of the firm’s biggest growth drivers over the next three years.”

At the investor day, President and CEO Patrice Louvet stated that Ralph Lauren is regaining its position as a dominant force in the premium fashion industry. “Our ‘Next Great Chapter: Accelerate’ plan is grounded in this important progress, building on our elevated brand positioning and desirability, our distinctive, timeless products and experiences across various categories, and our increasing reach in key cities across the world,” he added.

Michelle Davis

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